Saturday, September 8, 2012

OFGWelcome Treasury!

While The Kids Are Away...Moms will SHOP!

OFG Welcome Back -10% Off Team Sale - 9/9 - 9/16

Now that autumn is around the corner, kids are in school and the summer busy season is winding down it is time for Mom to do a bit of shopping and spend some time for you! 
Please visit my Etsy Shop and us Coupon Code - OFG Welcometo receive 10% off your entire purchase from my shop and other participating shops.

The OFG Team wishes to Welcome You Back with a special coupon to use at all participating member's shops!!  Please read the shop announcements for the coupon code specific to that shop or look for OFGWelcome for a 10% discount on your entire purchases.
 The promotion runs from September 9th through September 16th.
 To find members who are offering this special, simply type in OFGWelcome in the search box on Etsy, click on the item that appears and then check out their entire shop!
Use the same coupon with each of the participating shops to save even more!
Enjoy your time and browse your favorite shops and SAVE!!
Welcome Back Mom's